“The Housley Life” features Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley, 41, her husband, Adam Housley, 47, and their two adorably cute kids Aden John Tanner 6 1/2 and Ariah Talea, 4.

The new YouTube series, which premiered on July 24, follows the life of the “The Real” co-host as parents alongside her husband. A fan favorite episode is where Tamera and Adam decide to cook tacos in the family kitchen. The married duo engages the children in the process where you see Aden shredding the cheese and Ariah assisting dad, Adam with making the salsa. But the LOL, funny moment is when Ariah kept helping herself to numerous portions of cheese…. How many takes are there of Ariah eating cheese? Who’s counting, right? You gotta love this kid! So how does the couple, who have been married for eight years, work to balance family with everything else they have going on?

Watch the fun episode below.


“If you follow us on social media or you see us on television, you know that it’s all about family and friends,” Housley, 47, says in a teaser clip. “We love getting everyone together, and what ensues is usually love and chaos.”



What can fans expect to see from the series?  “It’s tons of love along with a little bit of chaos every single day! We’re all about creating and sharing memories with family and friends … while we learn about the ups and downs of life together,” says the Housley’s. “Our kids, Aden and Ariah, teach us that things don’t always go as planned … but turn out even better than we could have expected!”

Catch the “The Housley Life” on YouTube with new episodes every Wednesday.



By La Trisha McIntosh

Photo: Instagram