Maria Shriver Thinks People Have Forgotten How To Talk Things Through With One Another

Maria Shriver believes some of the divisiveness in the world is a result of lost communication. The former First Lady of California, 63, shared in an interview with AOL that she sees it as a growing — and concerning — trend emerging in our country. 

Shriver’s thoughts are in regards to people having real conversations again. “If we could look up from our smartphones and relearn the art of conversation, then we would be much better off as a society.”

“People feel disconnected, and they don’t want to go home and [they] skip gatherings because they’re afraid they’ll be asked the wrong thing,” Shriver told AOL’s Gibson Johns during a dinner she hosted with Ancestry in an effort to encourage people to engage in meaningful conversations. “I think that’s really a lot of what’s at the root of our problem of divisiveness [in this country] is that people don’t know how to talk.”

Shriver is a journalist, and founder of the nonprofit organization The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, and a mother of four that welcomes her children’s friends to join them for Sunday dinners and holidays. Shriver says, “Every little bit helps, and that hospitable is contagious.”


Source: AOL  


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