Dr. Essie McKoy

Dr. Essie McKoy

Dr. McKoy is the President/CEO/Founder of

Educational Consulting Company, Dr. Essie Speaks, LLC.


Dr. Essie McKoy
Dr. Essie McKoy


Do you want to know how to create a Signature School- the highest growth school in your district? Learn the
techniques to transform a school into a place where educators are passionate, students’ learning increase,
parents and the community are engaged, resources are plentiful, discipline improves, wrap-around services
provided, and the entire school community benefits from the success! Contact Dr. Essie McKoy and she will
assist you in transforming your school or district with GUARANTEED positive success indicators and results!

She provides coaching and consulting services in the following areas: Educational Administration, Elementary Administration, Middle School Administration, High School Administration, School Leadership,
The Highly Impacted Student Population, Special Education, Higher Education, College Preparation, and
Career-College, and Military Readiness! Her specialty areas are in Transformational Leadership, School
Leadership Development and Teacher Development!

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