3 Things to Learn From Gabrielle Union on Mom Shaming

“Every family is unique. How each family is created and comes together is special.”

Gabrielle Union has extended her family by welcoming her baby girl into the world via surrogate. It’s no rumor that Union has been wanting children of her own since having issues conceiving a child. Union is a step mother of three and is delighted to now have her original addition to the Wade family. Knowing that Union has suffered and endured pain most women go through when being diagnosed with adenomyosis, she still gets backlash on social media for posting photos and tidbits about the way she welcomed her baby girl.

As Union gets settled in with her newborn, she continues to get “mom-shamed”. The kind of shame where you get ridiculed for being a new mom that has used alternatives and getting shunned for your parenting skills. Union is not new to the fact that others have opinions about her parenting styles and knows that she is a straight target considering she didn’t physically have the baby. Her husband (NBA Player) Dwyane Wade helps her and supports her through this precious time in their lives by disregarding and subsiding negative comments and hate.

Union has been bombarded by unethical questioning about her choice on surrogacy and how she will implement her parenting skills to her newborn.

Being a new mom can be challenging especially when you’re in the public eye. Union shared a few tips on how to overcome hate, shame and to educate and inform the ignorance.

3 Things to learn from Gabrielle Union on Mom Shaming:

  1. “Everyone’s journey is different,” Union said.

Knowing that there are many ways to become parents, you can’t be blind and figure things are going to work out for everyone. Do your research and ask the right questions to get the right answers.

  1. “If you’re gonna be in our business have the right information,” Union said.

Couple/families who follow through with alternatives to bring in a new addition to their family is not necessarily anyone’s business. Being mindful of what people went through to get where they are today is something to remember. Being misinformed can come off as offensive, so educate yourself. If you choose alternatives, it is your business whether or not you want to share that personal information, don’t feel obligated to do so.

  1. “You have to eliminate the haters,” Union said.

This tip is essential to know because no one knows your story! Being constantly bugged by hate from others can seriously impact your mental state and have you questioning your parenting skills. It can become a distraction from what’s important, being a parent to your child.

Being a mother has no shame!


By Desirae K. Alexander

Photo: Instagram: @gabunion


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