Mecca Dickerson is a Celebrity MUA based in and her work is seen on several stars in the film and television industry. Here she shares how she got into the business and her top makeup looks for the holiday season.


As a celebrity makeup artist your clients include; “Nobody’s Fool” actress, Tika Sumpter. Tell us how you got into the business? 


I started in NYC. I met a producer by the name of Gingi Rochelle after a break up and getting fired from a hair salon. She happened to call me right in the middle of that storm and she saved me. She gave me a home and my first music video in 1999. It was nice and smooth without her ever seeing my work. That was the start of my career.


How do encourage your clients to maintain healthy skin with or without wearing makeup?

  • Drink lots of water •Get plenty of sleep/rest •Remove makeup with raw coconut oil. It’s the lifestyle and mindset behind our skin that has both men and women interested lately. People are waking up to a more natural foundation (skin like) and the healthier the skin, the better the foundation lays and less of it you will have to use.


What are some of the top makeup looks for this holiday season? Glitter, bold lips (reds and pinks). You want to stay with a little color. Add extra blush; get a rosy glow that will make your cheeks pop. Use eyeliner, but not all the way around your eyes. Try different colors. Smudge it out as well. Think bright lips and deep colors. Have fun with it!


Your advice for someone wanting to become a celebrity MUA.

Put in the work! Stay on top of your craft. Be patient and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Do you! Be open to all levels of the business when starting out. Sometimes you have to assist others and then you move up as you learn new things you didn’t get straight out of school. Most importantly, show up on time. Be consistent and clean. Smell good. Hygiene is a must!


Beauty is…

Open to anyone’s interpretation. It is self-confidence and self-love.


What’s next on your business radar? I have a HBO series starting in January 2019. How will you spend the holidays? Thanksgiving with friends at the spa and beach. Christmas and New Year’s with my family in Detroit, MI.


Top social media post where our readers can follow?

Instagram and Facebook @ meccadickerson. I don’t do Twitter.

Photo credit: Renee RodenKirchen | Top photo: Filmweb

(Top photo makeup not by Mecca Dickerson)

Interview by La Tasha Taylor