BossLife Ball 2019 Recap

The Boss Life Foundation (BLF) was founded in 2015 by rapper Slim Thug to improve research and education in low income communities. Sunday, January 20th, 2019 was the sixth annual ball bringing together sponsors and donors in honor of the foundation at The Post Oak Hotel. It was hosted by Julissa Bermudez .


Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, made an appearance in support of Slim Thug with his accomplishments and efforts to give back to his hometown. Turner stated, “When people come out of neighborhoods that have been underserved and they do well, and they don’t forget and give back to keep pulling others up, that’s how you succeed. It’s all of us working together to improve the lives of others.”


Boss Life Ball 2019 Recap
Sylvester Turner photo by Marcos Paz / BSM_Magazine


The goal was to raise $100,000.00 to provide scholarships for students pursuing higher education. With the help of Ciroc, Remy Martin and De Leon Tequila as some of the sponsors and honorees Justin Martin with and Shanquita Greggs of Shan Simply Scents it could be achieved.


Slim Thug is proud to carry on the sixth year of the foundation and is feeling grateful as he shares, “It’s my duty to give back, I remember being in the hood and feeling like I had no opportunity or didn’t have anything to inspire me. You know, it’s important for me to go back to the hood and inspire the youth and let them know I’m from here too. Everything I’m doing you can do it too, there’s no magic trick it’s just hard work!”


Boss Life Ball 2019 Recap
Slim Thug photo by Marcos Paz/ BSM_Magazine


At the end of the night a source from the Boss Life Foundation Coordinators stated they made at least $35,000 from the event alone! Thanks to the sponsors and donors who made it happen.



By Desiree Cantu

Photos: Marcos Paz

Special Thanks: Lemon Light Lime Media