Tiffany Haddish has enjoyed rapid success since her breakout role in the movie Girl’s Trip. What followed was a string of films and her current role on the television show, “The Last O.G. with Tracy Morgan. Things couldn’t be better. Right? That is, until fame reared its ugly head days ago, when Haddish shared a couple of Instagram posts. One, infuriated animal lovers when the actress protested to wear fur until police brutality toward blacks ended.

“I’m about to start protesting. I’ma wear fur every day until they stop killing Black people. When the police stop killing Black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. Sorry PETA, don’t be mad at me, be mad at the police,” she said in a video.

The comments were harsh, if not downright brutal with some wishing death upon the star. But, it was also Haddish’s post on New Year’s Eve that had thousands of fans sorely disappointed. Namely, those who attended the comedian’s first show of her “She Ready” tour in Miami, FL, December 31, 2018. Haddish can be seen in the video au naturel, expressing she had been partying (celebrating). An indication of how the night might go was probably when she forgot the venue where she would perform. But, like many of us who love the actress, we brushed it off as pure Haddish humor. Boy, did the comments roll in! Fans who attended her show were angered for their night being ruined. “You’re not ready!” one said. Videos began to surface of Haddish, reportedly drunk on stage and stumbling over her jokes and forgetting punch lines. However, she took responsibility of the situation hours later, and apologized to her fans.

“Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happen again.” – Via Twitter @TiffianyHaddish

For as much backlash, Haddish has also received support. Fellow comedians like Marlon Wayans shared he bombed at the end of his New Year’s Eve set, “Stopped mid joke to do a countdown then… GOOD NIGHT,”  Other stars, such as Chrissy Teigan, offered their support with some much needed humor, “I bombed last night too and all I had to do was read a prompter and also I lost an eyeball. […] it we good and you are a queen.” via Twitter @chrissyteigen

No doubt, it’s been a crazy ride for Haddish. Fame is not an easy thing to navigate. Haddish has warmed many with her outspoken and spunky personality. Sure, fans deserve a great show, but we should be mindful we’re human and we mess up. We have off days and we do things we shouldn’t. Social media can be a very harsh place. Yes, voice your concern for a post you think doesn’t make sense or for a celebrity’s less than stellar performance, but when hundreds or thousands of comments pour in, it can be overwhelming, especially when they are mean-spirited. Let’s root for Haddish to not have any more nights like the one she experienced in Miami. She knows what happened. Her fans know what happened and even more, she’s already apologized. Let’s move forward to help her stay ready mind, body and soul!


By Desirae Alexander

Photo credit: Getty