WNBA star Skylar Diggins-Smith upset with the minimal support received from the league during her pregnancy

Four-time WNBA all-star Skylar Diggins-Smith announced she played 34 games for the Dallas Wings in 2018 while pregnant.

Diggins- Smith gave birth to her newborn son in April and decided to sit out the 2019 WNBA Season. She expressed her annoyance with the league on Twitter “having no support from your organization is unfortunate,” adding she had “limited resources” being a mother and a team player.

“People called me a quitter, said I gave up on my team, etc., etc.,” Diggins-Smith wrote, “Not knowing I took two FULL months away from everything because of postpartum depression.”

The sole purpose of Diggins-Smith keeping her pregnancy a secret came from the fear of how the team would treat her. She proved women can do it all, being that she was top 10 in the league.

In a recent statement, CEO and Wings Team president Greg Bibb told ESPN, “We support our athletes in getting the care they need, whether that’s physical or mental in nature and we also understand the serious nature of an individual’s mental health. He further commented, “Due to the confidentiality associated with seeking mental-health care, unless an athlete provided explicit consent to the psychologist, we are not provided any information regarding individual sessions or related care. As a result of this confidentiality, and out of the respect for privacy, I can’t comment on any individual situation.”

Nevertheless, Diggins- Smith wasn’t remotely upset about the access to a mental health therapist. She wanted to reveal the defeat she received while still being a team player and a mother.

In a since-deleted tweet from Saturday, Diggins-Smith wrote.

“The blasts that disrespect of mothers (and our rights) in the WNBA is incredible. I can’t wait until you hear my story FROM ME!”


By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Derick Hingle