Happy Mother's Day! Do you have a funny story to share?

BSM Magazine Co-Founders Trisha and Tasha share one of their funny “Mommy” moments in time for Mother’s Day. Join in the fun with your funny moments and comment on social media where you see this article post.


As a parent, there’s nothing quite like showing off your dance moves to your kids. And while mine know I’ve still got it, they still can’t help but act a little embarrassed when I outdance them. But hey, that won’t stop me from having a good time! – Trisha

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Recently, my son hit the window button inside the car so that it would roll up, and he could no longer hear me nag about his parallel parking. Watch the cones! (laugh), but that was a few months ago, and he’s now a licensed driver. – Tasha

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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