Drew Barrymore Shares Heartwarming Post in Support of Simone Biles

Drew Barrymore shared a lengthy emotional post in support of Simone Biles on Friday.

The actress, who’s been in the spotlight since she has a child and has struggled with mental health problems herself, posted a picture of Simone Biles on her Instagram.

In the post, Barrymore began her caption by saying, “Simone Biles. I am in awe of you. Without any assumption to know you, I believe you continue to set a bar for life that is unparalleled.’

“I have spent so much of my life running. Started at 11 months old working and I have been running ever since,” she continued, relating to the difficulty of being in the public eye.

“I hate the term self care. There is no fight in it and it is too passive for me. But I now have a face. You! Simone Biles. A beautiful embodiment of what it’s looks like to say no and stop running some times. It is in the form of an insanely disciplined and impossibly talented human,” she added.

“You gave up so much and I am convinced your rewards will be far greater. The return on the investment of ourselves is priceless, And yet you sacrificed so much to be this bold,” she said in regards to Biles’ decision to withdraw from the Olympics for mental health reasons.

She ended her post by saying, “Lead. Please. But also please ask of people what you need too. And then we can all take care of each other.”

The post received praise from many of her followers and celebrity friends. Hundreds of people flooded her comments with heart emojis and kind comments.

Barrymore has spoken out about mental health, including her own, over the years since she has struggled with issues including substance abuse through her years in the spotlight and has been able to overcome many of her struggles.

Photo Credit: Getty Images