Tia Mowry isn’t backing down from her decision to divorce ex-husband Cory Hardrict

Tia Mowry has been receiving backlash amid her recent divorce from actor, Cory Hardrict and the actress isn’t having it. In an October 7, 2023, post on Twitter “The Game” star said, “Just because the dating life is complicated. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to something that no longer served me. That’s like saying if I don’t book an audition or a part right away, I’m going to give up on my dreams as an actor. Please just stop. I ain’t that weak. Please move on because I have. Thank you, NEXT.”

Mowry’s words come at a time when many celebrity couples are deciding to part ways. Specifically, women like Meagan Good and Jodie Turner-Smith who also chose to leave their long-term marriages recently. Is this a trend in Hollywood or simply a woman’s life lived in the public eye? For Mowry, the objective is to put an end to the false narratives and accusations surrounding her divorce from Hardrict, a choice that she made for her life.

Because the 45-year-old is seen more on social media with her cooking show Tia Mowry at Home and is more active publicly, she seems to be getting the brunt of the criticism. However, there’s another side that we’re just not privy to now, her ex-husband’s. And maybe there’s nothing more to be said. No response may be all the response necessary. Either way Mowry is being firm and stern on her stance about moving forward in her life and just wants to be left alone. The “Sister, Sister” star later responded to X, “I’m no longer allowing the lies and BLOGS creating false information. I create the narrative NOT you for click bait.”

She added, “If you don’t hear it from me. It’s all LIES.”

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