Sherri Shepherd "So Happy That I Did It!"

“Hey family,” said Sherri to her audience Monday, “It feels so good to be back. I felt like the summer was way too long.”

Season 2 kicked off with Sherri sharing a surprise on air. “Something really big happened to me over the summer and I promised I would reveal it today.” Sherri went on to say that her whole career she’s gotten compliments from her fans. Everything from her being top heavy to if she got a breast reduction it would balance her body.

“I got my boobs done,” shouted Sherri as she stood up from her chair and danced as the audience cheered. The comedian and host revealed that she had a breast reduction over the summer. Explaining that she didn’t do so for vanity reasons but more for her health after experiencing years of discomfort from back pain.

“So glad I did it, exclaimed the talk show host.” Watch the clip below.

Season two of “Sherri” premiered Sept. 18.

Photo: Sherri