Jada Pinkett Smith Confesses She’s Been Separated from Will Smith Since 2016

Jada Pinkett Smith is telling the truth about her marriage to Will Smith – the couple has been separated since 2016. Pinkett Smith has become known for her deep relationship conversations on her Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk. Now, she’s sharing her honest story with the world. Recently, though, the actress sat down with TODAY co-anchor Hoda Kotb in an exclusive, shocking interview, set to air on Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, revealing she and Smith have been “living completely separate lives.” Pinkett Smith confirms that there’s more to her marriage than has previously been shared, which will be discussed further in her upcoming memoir, “Worthy,” available for sale on October 17, 2023.

In a recent Instagram post, Pinkett Smith gets even more candid about the details of her memoir. “The fact that I have, in the last four years, contributed to the creation and perpetuation of falsehoods about myself, in which other untrue narratives were birthed, has surely aided in the misunderstandings that surround me. This fall, with deep humility and respect, I will take back my narrative.”

As eye-opening as this news may be to the entertainment industry, Pinkett Smith has been having candid conversations about the personal details of her relationship for quite some time. The shock for some may come because of the actress revealing her raw, unfiltered truth, in her own words, live, despite how others may receive it. Curious minds may likely want to hear from Jada after watching the TODAY exclusive and perhaps before reading her book.

Well, you’re in luck because the 52-year-old will appear live on TODAY, October 16. Until then, let’s hold off on judgment and wait to see how her story unfolds.

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