Spring Trends 2015

With winter gone and spring here, the question on everyone’s mind is what’s in and what’s not?  I recently visited FGIS (The fashion Group International of Houston, Inc.) and had the chance to meet well-known fashion stylists; Todd Ramos, Laura Lopez, and professional make-up artist, Katie Burns at Eye Bar Houston— to discuss Spring trends for this year. This is what I gathered from the group of fashion/beauty professionals:



SpringTrend 2015

 Freelance writer- Cherise Luter and guests attend FGI-Houston Spring 2015 Trends Event


Style— Fashion for Spring ranges from 70’s Bohemian style to gaucho pants. It’s all about shredding the layers and putting on light, flowing and comfortable clothing.  Denim will always be a popular style for everyone; from jackets to jeans, it’s relaxing and ideal for every day wear. Also, perfect to wear, are the maxi dresses and skirts you can pull out from the back of your closet. The message: “It’s time to show some skin!”

Colors— We’re encouraged to put away those dull colors we wore during the winter months and rock vibrancy! Blue, yellow, military green, white and pink are some of the colors suggested to brighten our wardrobe.  Have fun mixing and matching colors. Dare to wear all white! In the fashion world— the rule of not wearing white, after Labor Day, does not exist.

Beauty— The natural look is definitely in this spring. Enhance your beauty by using a primer before you step out.  If you want that natural glow, try using a bronzer before adding blush. Try taupes and pinks for your natural color palate. If you want an easy everyday routine, minus the fuss, try these three items; eye-liner, mascara, and gloss to complete your look in little time.

Tips: Not all styles and colors work for everyone so know what works for you. Social media is a great way to find new spring trends. A great resource is Pinterest— to get an idea of what’s in.  To save money, try bargain shopping or going to local boutiques.  In all, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try new styles, for you!


Spring Trends 2015

FGI-Houston Spring 2015 Trends—Photo highlights



Thank you to FGI Houston for providing great Spring fashion information. Happy Spring!


By Charmaine Hudson

Photo credit: Marissa Lynn Photography

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