Sherri Shepherd's wig falls off on Live TV

Sherri’ Shepherd’s wig fell off unexpectedly during a live television broadcast. It is uncertain whether this was intentional or accidental. Nonetheless, she is one of the two members of the comedic duo known as “Two Funny Mamas.” Shepherd also discussed Sarah Jakes Roberts’s recent wig mishap.

“If you know me, you know I love me some Sarah Jakes Roberts, so I have been following Sarah Jakes Roberts’s journey in ministry. I’ve been reading her books for a long time; I used to attend her church, “One Church,” and that’s the church that she and her husband, Pastor Touré Roberts, have in LA, and I would go there before I moved to New York.

The talk show host, who was nominated for an Emmy, went on to say., “I love Sarah Jakes Roberts so much so that when her father, Bishop Jakes, was here a few months ago, I asked him if he would ask his daughter Sarah to come and visit us on the show. And so one of the reasons I love Sarah so much is because she has been so honest about the struggle she has faced in her life, and she doesn’t mind using her life to inspire others; she is very real.”

Shephard recounted the incident to her audience., “So this past weekend, things may have gotten a little too real for Sarah while she was preaching at the Potters House in Dallas, TX, because the sermon was so moving her wig began to slide off. She kept preaching, but she took matters into her own hands. Now here’s the thing when you wear wigs, you are trusting the person that put the wig on that it’s going to be secure. The thing about wigs is when it starts sliding, you can feel it slide, and all you can do is what Sarah Jakes did was pull it forward, so she preached for the rest of the show in the wig cap cause there is nothing you can do at that moment.”

I appreciate Sherri’s sense of humor. ? To see Sherri’s epic wig mishap, watch the video. You can watch the complete sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts at The Potter’s House on YouTube.


YOUTUBESherri’s Wig Falls Off on Live TV!


We also appreciate Sarah Jakes Roberts and the work she does in her ministry. Have you ever had a beauty or fashion mishap in a public setting? If yes, how did you manage to deal with it?

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