Kelly Rowland to Sherri Shepherd "Thank you for being light, positive energy in this space"

Kelly Rowland gave Sherri Shepherd her flowers on Sherri Monday. The singer sat down with the award-winning talk show host to promote her latest project, but not without thanking Shepherd for creating a “safe space.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” I know that this is your show (can we just take), I have to tell you. Thank you for being light, positive energy in this space, in the time. We needed you. And I thank you so much for your light.”


“Queen, Thank you,” Shepherd responded through the audience member’s applause.

Rowland promised Shepherd and fans she is working on new music this year because she is now “inspired” to do so. On motherhood: The actress says she loves to spend time at home with her boys and says she’s really a “homebody” save for the times she gets dolled up to go out with girlfriends or industry events, but other than that, it’s sweatpants and loving being a boy mom.

As for her latest project, Rowland is excited she landed a leading role in the Tyler Perry film Mea Culpa. She plays a criminal defense attorney who gets “entangled” with an artist (Trevante Rhodes) accused of murdering his girlfriend. The former Destiny’s Child star shared that she had to work with an intimacy coach for the more grown-up scenes in the movie with actor Rhodes. Rowland thanked her husband for being secure and supportive of her latest work. 

Look out for new music from Rowland in the near future, and check out her new movie that debuts on Netflix on Nov. 23.

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Photo Credit: Sherri