Justin-Bieber YouTube Documentary

Justin Bieber reveals that he was suicidal in the new YouTube documentary, “Next Chapter.” the singer discusses how he experienced suicidal thoughts and “consistent” pain throughout his darkest periods.

“Man I think that there were times where I was really, really suicidal, like really like man is this pain ever going to go away. It was so consistent the pain was so consistent. I was just suffering right so I’m just like man I would rather not feel this than feel this.”

Bieber also speaks about his faith.

“I really do believe that God works all things together for good and think sometimes it’s hard to see that when things are so messy, and I think that allows me to have this overwhelming confidence.”
Bieber adds: “I just would encourage people, like, ‘Hey, if you’re feeling lonely, talk about it. Say it out loud.’ There’s a freedom in that. I could have avoided a lot of pain.”

See the full video here.

Photo Credit:  Justin Bieber/YouTube