Chrissie Fit is known for her role as the Latina ‘Flo’ in “Pitch Perfect” 2 and 3 stars in a new movie “All My Life” that debuted in theaters on Dec. 4. Discovering the world of acting at the age of 12, Fit also sings, writes, produces, and directs. Her work has included teaming up with Whohaha (Elizabeth Banks) to pioneer Cosmopolitan’s first-ever scripted digital series “Temp(orary),” which she created, produced, wrote, and starred in with Cyrina Fiallo and Brittany Snow. Read more about her love for acting and what plans she has for 2021.

You play the hilarious Latina ‘Flo’ in “Pitch Perfect” 2 and 3. What do you enjoy most about this role? 

Aw, thank you! The most fun part about those movies was working with so many of my close friends. We really did become like a little family. It’s also a great feeling to do so many things that I love in one movie. I get to act, sing, dance, and improv. The Pitch Perfect movies bring so many people joy; it’s amazing to be a part of that too. Spreading some love and acapella. 

Congratulations! Your return to the big screen was in the movie “All My Life” with Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe. Tell us about your character Amanda Fletcher and you landing the part. 

First of all, Harry and Jessica are magical angels. They’re so talented and kind. It was so wonderful to be able to work with them and now call them my friends. I had worked briefly with Jessica and was very excited to work with her again. I read the script on a flight back to LA and cried most of the way there. It was a beautiful story, and I have been wanting to do a drama; change it up a bit. Amanda is such a fun and loyal friend, the kind of friend you hope will show up to the party. After reading the script and learning that it was based on a true love story, I just knew I wanted to play her and share Jenn and Sol’s beautiful story. 

Exclusive: Actress Chrissie Fit Stars In Big Screen Film “All My Life”
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What we love about the film is the cast diversity. Asian male lead, Black, Latino, Caucasian actors. Is it something that also drew you to the project? 

Definitely! That’s the most important thing to me at this point. Representation. It is showing real and meaningful relationships on screen with and about people of color. Amanda Fletcher is not based on one real person in the true story but is a composite of multiple people. And they could’ve cast anyone. I give a lot of credit to our amazing director Marc Meyers. He really put together an awesome group of people in the most organic way. I actually think that’s why the cast got along so well and had the best time filming. Having people from all walks of life sharing different experiences and perspectives makes for a much more well-rounded, not just movie, but life. This movie isn’t telling you that that matters; it’s showing you. I love that about this film. 

Aside from acting, you sing, write, produce, and direct. What do you like most about the creative side of who you are?

I love getting lost in different worlds. Learning new things about people, behaviors, cultures, religions, history… so maybe I love the nerdy side of creativity? I also love that I can have a conversation about issues and things that I care about via my creative outlets. There’s also this awesome feeling you get when you figure something out. Whether it’s a scene or song or shot, it’s so fulfilling.

Tell us more about the reboot of the beloved 90s comedy, “Animaniacs?” 

I actually don’t pop up until the second season, I think. And I believe it will be released in February 2021. I play a new character that’ll show up from time to time. From what I know, it’s everything you love from the original but reanimated. All the hilarious, witty, and clever humor! It’s so exciting, definitely feels like they did this reboot right. 

What is something you learned about yourself in 2020?

I’ve put off doing things that I’ve really wanted to do in recent years because I was either scared or nervous. I thought I was being cautious or smart, but in reality, I was just stuck. And once we were literally stuck, like inside our homes, I realized that time is so, so precious. I have to stop wasting it. Stop waiting for the “perfect time” to do something. So I wrote and directed four PSA’s for PINK and The Jed Foundation. The initiative is called Press Pause, and it’s meant to help people dealing with stress or anxiety during the holiday season. It’s a cute and fun way to share some mindfulness techniques and hopefully help some people. I directed this during a pandemic and while a crazy election was happening. So the biggest lesson I learned about myself is that I just have to go for it and stop waiting for everything to align perfectly. Just freaking do it!


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If you were not acting, what would likely be an alternative career choice? 

I honestly don’t know. I can’t imagine doing anything else. In college, I worked at a law firm for the summer and quickly figured out that it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t as exciting and dramatic as I imagined it would be. No one was yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!” to Tom Cruise. It was just mostly paperwork and research. That’s when I realized that maybe I just want to play a lawyer on TV and not be one in real life.

What is the one thing you look forward to in 2021? 

Inauguration Day! 


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