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Whitney Allen is the founder of the digital media marketing brand WhitneyTalks. The millennial entrepreneur has created her own lane in the journalism field.  Founded in 2016, as an entertainment website that focused on the up and coming people in the industry, has since evolved to becoming the hottest source for exclusive interviews from WhitneyTalkTV— which features Influential Artists, Designers and Entrepreneurs.  Check out our exclusive interview with the young mogul.

What inspired you to start WhitneyTalkTV?
My background in Journalism, inspired me. Branching off to college motivated me to elevate and create something of my own. I’ve been around creatives for a long period of time and knew I had the audience. In 2016, I took matters in my own hands and created the talk show as a entertainment platform for the up and coming in the industry . 
Who is your target audience and why?
Millennial entrepreneurs. I can relate and have a strong connection. Creating the platform for the WhitneyTalks brand has been authentic and relatable. Building the talk show and curating networking events, I’ve had the ability to connect with creative millennials in an inspiring and motivational way. It not only pushes me to move forward but inspires outsiders looking in. 
What do you hope to accomplish next for WhitneyTalkTV? Do you have plans to expand your platform beyond the Houston market?
Most definitely! I hope to touch base and connect with millennial entrepreneurs globally. 
What’s on the horizon for Whitney Allen?
Growth and prosperity, I’m still learning. But very thankful for new opportunities and solid relationships I’ve gained while creating my brand. 
What is one thing you can say to help people celebrate who they are?
Celebrate what makes you unique. Our traits are special and should be appreciated. 

Where can our readers follow WhitneyTalks?

I am @WhitneyTalks on all social media handles.

Entrepreneur and Talk show host Whitney Allen


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By BSM Team
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