Marsai Martin: "No Black Pain" Rule

When it comes the portrayal of the ‘Black experience’ in Hollywood, we are often given shows and film that highlight slavery, abusive relationships, poverty, and single-parent households.

This young actress/producer is striving to change that narrative.

Marsai Martin, known best for her role on the ABC comedy series “Black-ish”, is the Guinness World Record holder for being the youngest Hollywood executive producer.

Now at the tender age of 16, Martin has become a voice and inspiration for her generation and an advocate for change.

Marsai Martin: "No Black-Pain" Rule
Photo Credit: Max Montgomery

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Martin discussed rules and regulations around her office. When it came to pitches, she said that she has a ‘no Black-pain’ rule.

“I have a couple of rules when you come into my office… I don’t do no Black pain. If it’s Black pain, I don’t go for it, because there’s so many films and projects about that, so that’s not who I am,” Martin said.

Martin then said, “I know a lot of people don’t like the word ‘authentic’, but I just love real stories that people can resonate with, even when it doesn’t resonate with you personally, but you know a friend who’s dealt with that or families.”

In the world and times that we are experiencing today, it is exciting to see young people of color who are adamant and vigilant about changing the stigma of Black stereotypes and representation in the visual media world.

These young people are ready for the world, even if the world is not ready for them.