Tracey Edmonds’ life is pretty crazy! The business woman and television producer caught up with us in between production of her new BET series. Ever so gracious, she thanked us for our patience in conducting this interview. “If you had to see my life right now it would wear you out,” she says in laughter. The series: “Games People Play,” is a television adaptation from the best selling novel—Games Divas Play— by author, Angela Burt-Murray— former editor of Essence Magazine. Tracey previously collaborated with Burt-Murray on the Lifetime movie “With This Ring.” It was based on the book, Vows by the same author.” Games People Play is the follow-up. Tracey recalls how Burt-Murray asked her to check out her latest mystery novel. “Hey! We made some noise on “With This Ring.” Here goes another book. What can you do?”

Salacious, juicy and wonderful is what Tracey thought of the read. Basically, it’s about the world of the NBA through the perspective of three dynamic women; one being an NBA wife, the other, quote “side chick” and the third, is a really smart, aspiring journalist covering the NBA sports world. “So we see how these three women’s lives intersect and the story unfolds there,” says Tracey. The pilot (first episode) opens with a murder and all the women are tied to this girl that was murdered. The entire first season story line is “who did it?” “It’s a really juicy soapy world,” Tracey shares. The show takes place in Los Angeles, which Tracey says, “is a character in itself.” The crew also filmed in Malibu and all over the city. “Games People Play” is about what goes on behind the NBA platform and the world many are not privy to see,” says the star producer…

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