Turkey isn’t only for Thanksgiving! You can have your mac & cheese and turkey all at once- whenever you want. I thought it couldn’t be possible but oh wait, there’s The Turkey Leg Hut. My experience at The Turkey Leg Hut was a bit of a warm and pleasant surprise. I’ve been seeing all of the rants and raves on Instagram and thought “why not give it a try?”


I was skeptical because they mainly serve turkey legs. They serve a large amount of food. So much so that I thought to myself I could possibly go into a food coma. Now I didn’t plan on going there on a day they were so busy but I just needed the full experience. Once I arrived there was a bit of a wait. I couldn’t have cared less because my stomach was touching my spine. Pretty much I was very hungry!


As I waited in line, I could see nothing but beautiful, black people enjoying each other’s company and simply living their best lives. I immediately felt the comfort all around me and smelled the sweet and savory goodness of all the food being prepared and displayed on tables. I could see laughter, people talking and rounds of drinks being ordered. I thought to myself, “now this is my kind of place”. As the line moved up my table was ready and I was about to be seated. I decided to sit inside to really get a feel for the atmosphere, the people and the servers. There is seating available outside. I must say it was quite loud but enjoyable, so I proceeded to take it all in.


The server I had was super nice and accommodating. He jokingly asked if this was my first time at the Turkey Leg Hut. I answered back kindly with a “yes” as he gave me the menu. He recommended the Cajun Crawfish Mac & Cheese (The infamous Turkey Leg Stuffed with Our Homemade Crawfish Macaroni.) In an instant my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I agreed to the recommendation. Boy was I in for a treat! My food came within 15 to 20 minutes and I was pretty pleased. When my food arrived, my mouth literally watered as I gazed deeply into my mac & cheese stuffed turkey leg. I quickly grabbed my napkin and fork and was ready to dig in. The first bite was truly sensational!! The mix of the meat and cheese, plus the crawfish was truly blessing each and every taste bud I have. I could not come up for air for the first ten minutes! Once I did, I realized I hadn’t even put a dint in my food.


As I was eating and being checked on by the waiter, I couldn’t even notice anything else. I was having the time of my life with my food. For me not to be a Houston native, this restaurant surely made me feel right at home and happy to be there. Being that it was crowded, I would say it is best to reserve a table and be on time! I would also recommend coming with enough funds just in case you want to try out their amenities like: hookah, their daiquiris and more! Lastly come hungry because the food can be overwhelming on a half full stomach. I would recommend this spot to all newcomers, tourists and regulars. Who knows who you might see at the Turkey Leg Hut!

My Turkey Leg Hut Experience




By Desirae Alexander

Photo credit: theturkeyleghut.com/ Facebook