Tina Knowles Shares How She Kept Beyoncé Humble

Tina Knowles-Lawson has always tried to keep her daughters humble, and in a recent Instagram post, she shared the reason when in an interview with 106 & Park in 2006Beyoncé shared an anecdote in which her mother humbled her.

“When “No, No, No” first came out I thought I was grown. I was 15-years-old and we had a number one single. I thought I was hot and I was at a record store it was all young kids, teenagers. My mom was telling me something and I kept singing while she was talking ignoring her. She smacked the mess out of me,” said Beyoncé during the interview.

“I’ll never forget that. I’ve never done anything like that. I’m so happy she did it because it grounded me,” she added.

Recently, Knowles-Lawson shared a clip of the interview in which Beyoncé told that story on her Instagram and explained why she “smacked the mess” out of Beyoncé.

“I am not proud of that moment but I did not do it out of anger , I did it out of fear ! Fear of losing my beautiful humble spirited respectful daughter,” said Knowles-Lawson in part of her caption.

“You see I’ve seen people change so fast after one hit record and become the most impossible divas ! I prayed everyday to God to protect my three girls and to keep them humble and kind. He answered my prayers,” she followed up with a heart and prayer emoji.

Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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