Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne Play Business Partners in 'Like a Boss'

Two best friends Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) were running their beauty business LIKE A BOSS until they felt threatened by beauty mogul Claire Luna played by Salma Hayek. As childhood best friends, they started their cosmetics line M&M with Mia being the creative one and Mel keeping the books in order. The two produce their beauty formulas by putting them in very cute packages, but Mel is too scared to tell Mia their business is half a million dollars in debt. Their two employees are the most well-spirited characters. Emmy- winning ‘Pose’ star Billy Porter plays sassy Barrett, and Jennifer Coolidge is outrageously clueless as Sydney.

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne Play Business Partners in 'Like a Boss'
Left to right cast members Hayek, Haddish, Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge and Byrne. Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

Claire Luna’s (Hayek) snippy yes-man Josh (Karan Soni) visits the partners and convinces them to a meeting where Luna offers to pay their debts in return of a 51 percent stake in the business. Mia was not having it and kept fighting it until Mel convinced her and settled on a compromise: Luna will take 49 percent in the unlikely event Mia and Mel end their partnership. The partners aren’t even out of the building, and Luna is plotting ways to make them hate each other.

Luna manipulates Mel by telling her why she fired her former partner, and this causes the partners to doubt their values. Luna insists that M&M should be focused on what the industry wants: “Inspire the ugly people to buy their way into gorgeousness,” but that’s not what M&M revolves around. M&M revolves around inner beauty and supportive friendships, so Luna introduces two men whose line of products is named “Get Some” to stir things up.

Things start going bad, the partners begin arguing with each other, it got so bad that their group of friends stepped in and reminded them that they were best friends and shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of it.

Staying true to themselves, Luna had an exclusive event where she had M&M and the guys from ‘Get Some’ do a makeup tutorial on twins, and whoever the crowd chose for best makeup would get the deal. The girls keep it natural meanwhile, the guys go into a party look, causing the crowd to cheer for them more. Mel begins to feel pressured, and tries to change up the look and that’s when Mia has enough and quits. Luna smiles at having gotten what she finally wanted.

Mia and Mel realize what Luna has done and pays her back in the most unexpected way. You will have to watch the movie to know the rest.

I thought it was a really good film and very entertaining. The actresses were phenomenal. Haddish, of course, is very vulgar, yet funny. The movie ran for 83 minutes, which is very short, but they demonstrated what ‘Like a Boss’ really means.


Written By: Jasmin Urquiza Montiel

Feature Photo: Getty Images for Paramount Pictures