Child Rapper That Girl Lay Lay Talks About Fame at a Young Age with Tamron Hall

Alaya High, known as That Girl Lay Lay, was recently interviewed by Tamron Hall and spoke about her journey to a successful rap career.

The Houston native gained popularity after her father posted a video of her freestyle rapping in the car when she was only 11 years old.

The video went on to become a viral hit and earned over 430 thousand views on Instagram.

Because of the video, Lay Lay’s fame grew and she became the youngest female rapper to sign a major record deal at 11 years old.

Since then, Lay Lay has released four albums in the span of three years.

Hall asked Lay Lay what it was that inspired her to upload that video onto social media.

“Since I was younger I knew I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry whether it was dancing, rapping or acting or singing,” said the 14-year-old rapper.

Because she was only 11, she didn’t have social media of her own, so she had to ask her dad to post the video.

“He was very hesitant on posting it because my dad has been in the entertainment industry for about 20 years,” said Lay Lay. “So he knows how it is and he didn’t want me to be in the industry because it comes with a lot of pressure.”

She told Hall she had to beg her father to post the video, something which wasn’t easy and took quite a bit of convincing.

“It takes a lot to get my dad to do something,” she said. “To upload this video it took 2 weeks of begging.”

Lay Lay refused to give up on her dream because she could “feel that it was going to be something big.”

“There are many things that I don’t expect to learn each day. I don’t expect to learn to be taught life lessons from a child, and you just dropped knowledge and life lessons!” said Hall after listening to Lay Lay’s story.

She then asked Lay Lay how she navigates fame at such a young age and how she manages to keep everything balanced.

“Things that keep me balanced and happy is my family and friends, and I make sure to not overdo myself when it comes to work,” she said.

She added that she often takes mental breaks if she needs to and doesn’t overwork herself.

She then talked about her latest project, a Nickolodeon show titled “That Girl Lay Lay.”

“Besides me not being able to freeze time and be invisible, me and the character are the same,” she told Hall.

She concluded her interview by showcasing her rap skills by freestyling for the audience.

Photo Credit: Getty Images