Morehouse Grad Plans to Pay it Forward

Casey Roquemore is a recent graduate of Morehouse College. The California native is set to travel the world before he attends graduate school to earn his MBA. He knows his future plans are more reachable now that the burden of his student loan debt is lifted. In this interview, he shares how an act of service led by billionaire investor, Robert F. Smith has prompted him to give back in and outside the United States.


You are a native of Vallejo, CA. Who or what inspired you to attend Morehouse College?

My mother was my inspiration to attend Morehouse College. I can recall during my senior year of high school the college application process during the fall and I can vividly remember my mother, Freda Roquemore, telling me, “I don’t care what schools you apply to, but I want you to at least apply to Morehouse College.”


What did you study while there?

Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.


You and your fellow classmates made history when speaker and billionaire investor, Robert F. Smith made a promise to pay the entire student loan debt for the graduates of 2019. Describe how you felt in that moment.

I was in disbelief when I heard Robert F. Smith’s announcement. I remember turning to my friend Ryan Robinson and asking him, “Did you just hear that?” It was a moment of disbelief due to the financial burden that was lifted off our shoulders. When his statement was renounced by our president that’s when goosebumps rose on my skin and I just had a burst of adrenaline.


What are your plans after college considering you no longer have school debt? 

I will be working at Quicken Loans as a mortgage banker in Phoenix, AZ in July. Now that this financial burden is lifted I plan to attend graduate school to obtain my MBA and also travel the world before doing so…


How do you plan to pay it forward and what is your message to incoming students at Morehouse?

I plan to specifically give back to the programs and divisions at Morehouse College that made my collegiate experience amazing. The Business and Economics division takes students on a “spring tour” which is a yearly trip to foreign countries spreading awareness about Morehouse College to corporate and scholarly institutions. Like Dr. Rubina Malik’s, yearly Dubai trip, which focuses on cultural diversity and management and much more. I just understand the struggle obtaining these opportunities, but I also know the benefit and I will help students in need that deserves it.

Casey’s cousin, Arica Roquemore-Blanson shared how proud she is of her family member.

“It feels good knowing my cousin attended and stuck with college through the good and bad. My proud moment is watching Casey grow up from a kid into a grown man living out his goals and dreams.”


Congratulations to the Morehouse class of 2019!!


By La Trisha and La Tasha

Feature photo courtesy of Casey Roquemore