Meet Dr. Brandy Williams: One of the Youngest Black Pharmacy Owners in Houston

As one of Houston’s youngest black pharmacy owners and CEO of We Care RX, Dr. Brandy Williams looks forward to expanding her pharmacy business in the New Year. The Texas Southern University Alum shares who inspired her career choice and the ways she helps her community by giving back to medical programs for minority students that are interested in medicine. Read more.


Q: Who or what inspired you to go into the pharmacy profession?


Science and Mathematics have always been my passion; because of this, my high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Sanford, suggested a career in pharmacy. After spending a summer interning at Baylor College of Medicine in their Pharmacology lab, my love for pharmacy was cultivated.


Q: As one of the youngest black pharmacy owners in Houston, how do you communicate to black communities the importance of being knowledgeable about their health right down to prescription medication?


By creating opportunities to bring awareness to the community, whether sponsoring health clinics or partnering with other entities to facilitate health fairs and other outreach programs. I’ve partnered with Texas Southern University on several of its health initiatives. In January 2023, in partnership with TSU, We Care Rx Pharmacy will host a health clinic on campus every Thursday.


Q: You are a Texas Southern University (TSU) alum who recently contributed $100,000 to TSU’s medical program for minority students interested in medicine. How does it make you feel to give back?


I’m blessed to be a blessing. The steps I am taking today will help propel the next generation forward.


Q: Do you see growth for other black pharmacists like yourself?


One’s desire for growth measures the ability to grow. The opportunity for growth is out there, and I’m committed to partnering with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to help facilitate change.


Q: What are ways in which you take time for yourself to keep good health?


Healthcare professionals are the worst patients; we are focused on caring for others and sometimes lack in caring for ourselves. With that being said, I have committed to at least 30 minutes of exercising each day, juicing for a week once a month, daily vitamin intake, and a spa day when I can fit it into my schedule.


Q: New Year resolutions or lifestyle goals? And what is one thing you will leave and keep in 2023?


I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions; however, I have a few goals for the year. I have a new pharmacy location opening in the medical center this month, and I recently launched The Nicole Leonard Foundation, which is geared to help raise funds, educate, and steer minority students in the right direction when it comes to medical studies. So for 2023, my focus will be the success of the pharmacy and foundation. I’ll take the lessons I learned in 2022, which consisted of the art of pivoting, and look forward to the blessing in 2023.


(Image: Courtesy of We Care Rx Pharmacy)