Soul Purpose Stage Play Recap

The Soul Purpose Stage Play has been touring across cities. Saturday, April 13th they performed for Houston in the Wortham Theater Center with our very own Twins of Media, hosting the play. It is an inspirational story of five women seeking their soul purpose in life. Each woman has a different struggle but the same God to lean on.

Five strong, African American women develop a spiritual bond and sisterhood through their heartfelt journeys. Elizabeth (CeCe Godbolt Domingue) has trouble with the pressures of being the wife of a Pastor, her husband cannot seem to find peace with their son’s sexuality. Brooklyn (Dareia Tolbert-Jacobs) is unable to find the right man for her and her beliefs. Saunda (Rhonda Francis) has an emotionally abusive and controlling husband who is constantly cheating.  Angela (Angela Blair Jeffries) does not approve of her son dating outside of the family race. Tamara (Deon Q. Sanders) has a difficult battle with breast cancer.

Chericia Curtis proudly directed and wrote the award winning play that she hopes viewers see, “Every soul has a purpose no matter what you are going through.” When asked about her inspiration for the play, Curtis shared it came from her being a strong women of faith, Godliness, and His inspiration.

Soul Purpose Stage Play Recap
Top left- Howard Hewett & BSM Media Correspondent, Desiree Cantu; Top right- Media Blitz PR, Crystal Edwards Bottom left- BSM Media Group CEOs/Twins of Media, La Trisha and La Tasha; Bottom right- Howard Hewett receives COH Proclamation Photo credit: Marcos Paz

BSM Media caught some behind the scenes action during the performances. Actors, backstage were scurrying and rehearsing but did not hesitate to stop and speak with us. Tyrone Betters who plays the role of Joshua, son of the Pastor and Elizabeth, shares that “performing on stage is so live. There is no room for mistakes while feeding off of the audiences energy verses on film. It is much more intimate and you have a chance to recuperate in between takes.”

Watch the exclusive Red Carpet interview with Howard Hewett and conversations with some of the cast before and after their performances.

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