Day Edwards was named the first place winner of the Texas Black Expo $10,000 pitch competition in January. Her concept is called Church Space, which is a co-working space for churches. Read her interview here.


Q: Congratulations! You recently won “The Black Texas Expo Pitch” contest for the concept –Church Space. What prompted the idea?

A: It was honestly a God- given vision. God showed it to me while in prayer. I was actually praying for him to bless me with a “co- working” space for small businesses and he said “NO, I need you to create a “co- churching” space. Of course God gives big visions! So thus started Church Space.


Q: You beat out seventeen small business owners who had one minute to pitch their companies in the first round. In round two finalists had 30 seconds to convince the judges to get behind their business ideas. How did you prepare?

A: I prepared by truly understanding my “why” and learning how to explain and articulate its importance.

Meet Day Edwards: Creator of Church Space
Day Edwards with Texas Black Expo Founder and President Jerome Love. Photo credit: Charles Dante


Q: What has been your experience inside the church in regards to co-working spaces being needed?

A: I was invited to a friend’s church which took place inside a hotel. I recall there being perhaps 4 other churches in each ballroom. I remember thinking “wow” these people need a space!


Q: How have congregations embraced the Church Space idea? What feedback have you received?

A: Oh, they love it. Church space allows churches to bring in an extra stream of revenues by simply leasing their space. Instead of collecting dust, churches now collect coins!


Q: Why is it so important for you to stay connected in the black community as a business leader?

A: It’s important to me as a business leader to stay connected to our community to show others that just because there is “currently” no solution to a problem doesn’t mean one cannot be created!


Q: What advice would you give to business owners who want to pitch their ideas?

A: As a publicist my entire career is made up of pitching (LOL). I often joke that God is funny! My advice would be to understand your “why” and the essence of time!


Q: Will you compete in more contests in the future?

A: Yes, we are applying for more contests. We hope to pitch at the SXSW Pitch Black Competition-Pitch contest for black female owned start up’s.  SXSW took place in Austin March 8 – March 17.


Q: How can our readers stay connected?

  1. IG: Church_Space
  3. Myself: IG: DayThePrCoach


Source: Misty Blue Media