Kenan Thompson Called a "Brilliant Comedian" by Host Touré on the New Show "MASTERS OF THE GAME"

Writer, journalist, and critic Touré (@toureshow) hosts a new show called MASTERS OF THE GAME on theGrio. His guest for Friday is— comedian and actor Kenan Thompson. We asked Touré what he most looks forward to his audience enjoying from his sit-down interview with SNL’s longest-tenured cast member of sketch comedy. The television personality says of Kenan, “I want people to see what it’s like to be a brilliant comedian who’s really professional about his work.”

Touré and Kenan discuss various topics in this promo, like Kenan’s respect for comedian Eddie Murphy and even his own thoughts about what he thinks is comedy.   


MASTERS OF THE GAME Kenan Thompson episode premieres Friday, January 27 at 8PM ET/PT on theGrio cable network and other AMG platforms

Photo and video courtesy of TheGrio