Kelly Rowland Reveals How Son Titan Feels About Becoming a Big Brother

On Wednesday, Oct. 28’s Daily PopKelly Rowland caught up with E!‘s Justin Sylvester and discussed everything from her close Hollywood bonds to her pregnancy. In addition to Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, Kelly is proud to call CiaraSerena Williams and La La Anthony friends.

On the importance of female friendships, especially in Hollywood, Kelly shared, “I think that when it comes to women doing so many different things on their own and being able to support each other and love on each other and be there for each other and encourage each other, you know, outside my unit B and Michelle, I have them and we have each other, and it’s just so beautiful.”

Later on, Kelly touched on her appearance in BFF Beyoncé’s “BROWN SKIN GIRL” music video. Specifically, the Destiny’s Child alum revealed what made her smile so bright while filming.

“I think it was more so just love and I think it was so much love above anything,” she remarked. “Like, love and admiration and respect and being able to see someone deeply.”

And Kelly has a lot to smile about these days, and we’re not just talking about her partnership with Oral B. As E! readers may recall, earlier this month, the “Coffee” singer revealed she’s pregnant with her second child.

According to Kelly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, “it wasn’t too hard” to keep her pregnancy under wraps. On how son Titan is handling becoming a big brother, Kelly revealed her five-year-old is excited about the baby.

“He said that he wants a boy, but he’s recently said he’s wanted a girl,” she stated. “He is over the moon about being a big brother. He has already named the baby.”

Of course, Kelly and husband Tim Weatherspoon are equally thrilled about this pregnancy.

“Tim and I are excited to be parents of two,” Kelly gushed. “A little daunting between two kids and how crazy that is and trying to balance everything off, but I’m really, really excited, for sure.”

However, per Kelly, this pregnancy has brought on some interesting symptoms. Namely, she experienced teeth sensitivity in her first trimester.

“I just feel like things are definitely different,” the 39-year-old singer noted. “My first trimester, my teeth were so sensitive. So, this whole new relationship that I have with Oral B now, just kind of came at the perfect time.”

Kelly went on to praise the new Oral B iO toothbrush.

She concluded, “I mean, it’s really innovative. It’s very cool. I’m literally cleaning my teeth and it felt like I just left the dentist’s office.”



For Kelly’s full Daily Pop interview, watch the clip above.

Source The E! “Daily Pop” | Photo Credit: Getty Images