Mimi G and husband Norris Danta Ford are happy and in love as newlyweds. The duo, both individually and collectively are known for their impeccable sewing skills. Mimi G, is an award-winning influencer with 312K followers on Instagram and Norris has an impressive resume as a style expert turned teacher where he influences men to sew. Their new show; He Sewed She Sewed debuted last month on Bluprint. The concept: One bolt of fabric + two super creative people = one epic sewing adventure. But before they united in marriage and entrepreneurship, their journey to meeting one another came with separate life experiences.

I ran away from home when I was fifteen. It’s a memory Mimi G shares about her tough childhood. The reason: She was sexually abused by a couple of family members. I ended up in L.A. with no money and having to sleep on people’s couches. Other times, she remembers being homeless in a big city. Once by herself and then as a mother, with her oldest daughter. My own mother tried to help as best she could, but I just went from one bad situation to the next. I panhandled and begged people for food. If I had to be nice to you to crash on your couch, it’s what I did. Mimi described her upbringing, in Chicago, as a traditional but dysfunctional Puerto Rican family. Admitting, healing didn’t take place until years later and under different circumstances.


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MiMi G and Norris Danta Ford Talk New Series "He Sewed She She Sewed" and Life as Newlyweds
Photo credit: Bluprint | Cover design: Karla Olvera





Interview by La Trisha and La Tasha “Twins of Media”

Feature photo: Bluprint/Cover design: Karla Olvera