As the Hit Job podcast star tells E! News in an exclusive interview, she and countless other young actors became “famous for being a child,” noting, “but unfortunately you can’t stay a child forever.” In Keke’s opinion, those unwilling to evolve are more likely to lose career opportunities or struggle to shed their youthful image, but embracing the opportunity to “become something new and different” has only worked in her favor. Another wise tip she shares? “Don’t let other people’s perception of you become your perception of yourself.”

The 27-year-old actress says she was given this same piece of advice, and it’s guided her career choices ever since, encouraging Keke to set her “own rules” and forge a unique path, unlike the child stars that came before her.

It’s part of the reason why the former Nickelodeon star is trying out something new on the Audible Original podcast Hit Job, also starring Pete Davidson. Described by the platform as a “high-concept workplace comedy,” it’s just the type of project Keke was looking for, she says. and says, “It is humorous, but it is dark humor, and it also hits a lot of very mature and sophisticated things in very fun and entertaining ways,” she shares. “I just love it. I loved working with Pete.”

Even though you won’t find the Hustlers star in front of the camera for this project, Palmer thinks Hit Job has just as much potential to entertain audiences. She says, “I think sometimes because you can’t see it and all you can do is hear it, it makes it that much more interesting because you kind of create the world yourself.”

Hit Job is all about Brynn Morris’ (Keke) quest to help her sick grandmother by taking a job at a company with the motto: “Do Bad Things for Good Reasons.” With the help of Pete’s character Geo, Brynn has to decide if she’s willing to hurt others if it means saving the one she loves most.

She adds that the podcast will also touch on “real issues we’re facing in this country but in a very undercut and entertaining ways.”

In other words, make sure to tune in to the 12-episode series when it premieres on Audible Thursday, April 22.