Exclusive: Bria Danielle Singleton Stars in Netflix's "Thunder Force" with Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy

Bria Danielle Singleton is a young actress on the rise with her latest role playing the younger version of Octavia Spencer in the Netflix film “Thunder Force” that also stars Melissa McCarthy. Singleton stopped by the ‘Twins of Media’ LIVE Talk Show to discuss the movie and more.


You star in Thunder Force with Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy. You play the younger version of Octavia’s character “Emily.” How did that role come about?  


Well, first I got requested for it, and I auditioned and went to the next step, which was the callback, and then went in for the read with the director and the writer, did that, and then I got booked. “It was really fun!”


Did you get the opportunity to work with Octavia? If so, what was that experience like for you? 


Umm, Unfortunately, she was working on a different project when I was filming on set, so the day that I flew out, she flew in, and I never got to meet her.  



What was it like actually working on the project? 


I was very nervous because this is one of the biggest things I’ve done, and it was just like I was afraid I would mess up, or like they wouldn’t like me, or I’d get fired for some reason. Like it was just very stressful, the whole way on the plane there and just like waiting to go on set. But the whole cast and crew were so sweet and supportive, and just like always there to help. Melissa, her husband, and their daughter were like angels. I realized I had nothing to worry about and stress myself out for nothing. Yeah, I think from what I got from that is just to relax more and not stress the little things.  


Before this movie, were you a superhero, action-type person who liked those types of movies?  


I did. I liked Marvel, and I watched a bunch of their movies. I was excited for the new shows that have already come out and are coming out, and the thought of playing a superhero character was always really interesting, and I feel like that would be so fun to do. But yeah.  


Now, Viola Davis, we know that you like her and would like to work with her, so what project or idea do you have in mind?


I would say drama because she’s so good at that, and just being in her presence while working, I’d feel like that would be just amazing, so definitely that. Like some drama, movie, show, just anything I would love to do with her.  


You are a twin (we are too, Lol). Is it a brother or a sister twin? 


It is a sister. 


Is she acting along with you?  


Yes, we both started when we were eight months. My sister has been by my side the whole time. She’s my partner in crime; I love her. My biggest fan and I am hers. I don’t know how far I would’ve gotten without her. She’s always there supporting me. And like it’s never competitive between us.  

Yeah. Which I love; if we both audition for something, we both audition for something. If one of us books it and another one doesn’t, we’re just as excited as the other one. That’s how it works, and I’m just so grateful for that.  


Speaking of your twin sister and supporting one another, are you guys looking to do a project together in your future? 


I would love to do a project with her that would be so fun. We’ve only done so once, and it was like a commercial, but that was really fun. We work and audition together and work on scripts together and like film each other, but we never get to work with each other. So, getting a chance to work with her would be great.  


You are vegetarian. How has that lifestyle influenced you and also get your peers to jump on board?


When I started, it was a little rough because I didn’t really know what a vegetarian was. I was just like,” Oh, they don’t eat meat?” Okay. I didn’t realize how hard that would be because the food around me had meat. I was a pescaterian a couple of months before I turned full vegetarian because I was still trying to figure it out. I have gotten my friends and my other family members to try different types of vegetarian food and snacks. They have made fun of me for it (Laugh), but like it’s really good, I also influenced my sister to turn vegetarian with me.  


How have you been able to navigate being in the pandemic, and what advice would you give to people in your age group?


Well, with the pandemic, of course, it was really rough because you couldn’t socialize as much as you wanted. Like, to be honest, I don’t even remember the last middle of the year (last year). Like I don’t remember it because it was like the same routine, like staying inside day after day, the same thing. It was just rough for everyone and me. My advice: “You’re not the only one that’s like struggling with stuff right now, and that we’re almost at the end of it, and we are getting good news after good news, and we have just like, a short amount of time left, hopefully, for it to end, and I know that they can just hang in there just a little bit more until things get better. Like just such a short amount of time, you can do it; you can just wait a bit longer, you’re almost done. It’s been a year. 


Back to Thunder Force. Why should people watch it on Netflix on April 9th? 


Watch because it’s hilarious! We have two of the biggest names (Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy), and it’s hilarious and so funny. It’s like such a family film to watch, too because, it’s not like other superhero movies. It’s more like lighthearted, more comedy, like more of the bright side than like gloomy side of most superhero movies, which I love too, but like it’d be just fun to watch. You can watch it with anyone.   


Thunder Force Is Currently Streaming on Netflix


Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard