Jeannie Mai's emergency surgery

Jeannie Mai is recovering from emergency surgery after being diagnosed with epiglottitis. On Monday, The Real cohost shared an update from her hospital bed.

“Absolutely devastated that my journey on Dancing With The Stars has to end this way. I found out that I have a throat abscess where my tonsils and my throat had gotten so infected that it started permeating to the rest of the areas behind my neck and my ears that I had to get emergency surgery which is why I am here now.” Said the television host.


Jeannie Mai Shares Photo from the Hospital Following Unexpected Health Concern
Jeannie Mai Shares Photo from the Hospital Following Unexpected Health Concern. Photo Credit: ABC


Jeannie Mai and fiancé Rapper Jezzy following her emergency surgery
Jeannie Mai and fiancé Rapper Jeezy following her emergency surgery. Photo Credit: ABC


DWTS show host Tyra Banks introduced the  video Mai filmed from her hospital room after sharing few words with the viewers.

“I have some sad news. Jeannie Mai had emergency surgery last night and she’s in recovery. She’s doing well. However, she’s had to withdraw from this competition. And she shared her emotional story from her hospital room. She did that for you. She really wants you to see that, and you’re going to be able to see that a bit later. Now, due to Jeannie dropping out, we will not have a double elimination tonight. But one couple will go home,” Banks said.

After the surgery, Mai was told that “everything went great” While also being told her ‘throat would have closed up’ if she ‘had waited one more day.’

Rapper Jeezy, Mai’s fiancé wearing a black hoodie and mask, was by her hospital bedside telling her “good baby” while rubbing her forehand before sealing it with a kiss. Watch the full clip here.

We wish Jeannie Mai a speedy recovery.

Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images