Gabrielle Union on 'Tamron Hall': "I leave No Stone Unturned" in New Book- You Got Anything Stronger?

Gabrielle Union appeared on Tamron Hall Wednesday to discuss her new book You Got Anything Stronger? A follow-up to the “We’re Going to Need More Wine.”

Hall commented, “You look incredible, chocolate on top of chocolate…just luxurious,” referring to the actress dressed in an all-brown leather vest and pants with two long-style braids. To which Union replied, “Thank you.”

“Everything keeps happening in this wonderful way. You just keep winning,” says Hall. “There’s some “L’s” in there too,” Union responded with a laugh.

“I leave no stone unturned,” she says to Hall, who acknowledges that Union laid it all out in the book.

“That’s brave, Gab,” Union says of the responses from people about the things she wrote, having her think, “Have I said too much,” but then she realized that to build a community, one must be open, honest, and vulnerable.”

Union talks about the joys and challenges of marriage with a spouse, former NBA player Dwyane Wade who is nine years her junior. ” You laugh sometimes. And some days are not so funny,” Did the age difference ever bother you? asks Hall. Union admits not early on in the relationship but jokes that years ago, a friend of Wade quipped in a conversation that twenty-eight was old (Union was thirty-six) and calculated that when she was a sophomore in High School, LeBron James mother was a senior. 

Heavier topics like racism, surrogacy, motherhood, perimenopause, and “muting the voice” of her most iconic role in “Bring it On,” Union talks about in great detail and then teared up a bit when Hall had a surprise for her during the show. Watch the video clip below.


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