Erica Campbell Open's Up About Weight Loss and Self Love

Grammy-winning singer Erica Campbell recently performed “Lift Every Voice” during this year’s Super Bowl.

Erica and her sister Tina appeared onstage in their gospel duo Mary Mary, but other than their amazing voices, one thing the crowd couldn’t help but notice was Erica’s weight loss.

In a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Campbell opened up about her weight loss journey.

She admitted that she didn’t have a personal mantra to motivate her and her weight loss was all over the place at first, but being unhappy about her weight and being the heaviest she had ever been before motivated her to make a change.

“I knew not only was the Super Bowl coming, but I knew I had new music so I made a commitment to changing my diet, to working out even when I didn’t feel like it,” she told Hall.

Her commitment paid off because as Hall said, “There was a collective like ‘Oh! She looked good!”

During her weight loss journey, Campbell tweeted, “I don’t want to lose weight because I’m in the public eye, but because I want to live for me and my family and to honor the life God has given me.”

“You only get one [body] you can’t go to the lung store and pick up another set because you didn’t treat this one good, and a lot of times the problem is what we put in our body, and so we have we have to build up our discipline,” said Campbell.

Campbell shared that to kick off that discipline she cleaned out her cabinet of unhealthy foods and did a water fast for three days.

Another source of motivation for Campbell was her family, especially her daughters.

She told Hall that her family would eat the same healthy food she would.

In another interview with Hall, Campbell discussed her daughter Krista and trying to be a good role model for her in terms of health and body image.

“She’ll watch me. If I’m talking about, ‘Oh, I’m so fat’ and ‘I’m so this,’ then she’s going to do that, but if I love myself I’ll teach her how to love herself,” she said.

Campbell even shared how many years ago she underwent surgery to change her body.

After having her first child, Campbell decided to get liposuction but did not receive the proper aftercare which led to her not having the results she expected.

“It was really a bad situation I was in a hotel room bleeding everywhere and they sent a nurse and some Tylenol, and then I had another baby so I gained the weight again so I was like ‘What was it all for?'” she told Hall.

Campbell said the decision to get the procedure didn’t stem from the pressure of being an entertainer or “snap back” culture, but that it was just a decision she made because she was young and didn’t really know what she was getting herself into.

“I love me, so it’s fine. I’m cute with or without scars,” she said after Hall asked her how she felt about that now.

Photo Credit: Erica Campbell via Instagram @imericacampbell