The Love Jones sequel ‘rumor’ has been going around for years and to think it could possibly happen has fans going crazy. Nothing is quite determined yet, but Larenz Tate has everyone on their toes. As we all know the 1997 Love Jones film was the highlight of that era. Everybody wanted a relationship based upon poetry. In a sense the beloved film showed the true meaning of what “LOVE” was.

In a recent post on Instagram Tate said “Chemistry still strong! Queen NIA LONG!” He then said,  “#WeMightNeedToDoASequel… Thoughts??” So… The answer is YES Larenz, why have you all waited so long is the real question here. When the film premiered it was about a love story based in Chicago, Larenz Tate as Darius Lovehall and Nia Long as Nina Mosley.  “It’s very rare you see two black people in love” Larenz Tate told ESSENCE in 2017. The film represented two people in love and many people were in shock and wanted to tune in.

Nia Long and Larenz Tate

Many people don’t know what love is, whereas others have their own meaning of what it truly feels like. To see two black people want to love each other in that capacity speaks volumes. Tate mentioned when the 20th anniversary was celebrated this year “The way they spoke, and how they lived, and the prism they looked through is different than movies like Menace II Society or Dead Presidents.”

Could the reveal of the up and coming Love Jones 2, be real and very near? Though the right script hasn’t been written to actually make the sequel what it needs to be. In an interview with The Breakfast Club Tate said “She and I were both saying it’s a blessing and a curse.” The fans wanting to still see the story continued is a blessing to Larenz and Nia but if the script isn’t right the story won’t be told properly. He ended with “Like a good song, it can stand the test of time.” 


By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Getty Images | The Real