Dwayne Johnson has been filming for his upcoming movie “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.” He describes a pure and beautiful moment on set. Johnson, 47, who plays the role of Luke Hobbs— has a scene in the upcoming movie where he is embracing his Samoan heritage. He took his mother Ata to visit the Kauai set. And it was a special moment for her because she heard him speak Samoan to a certain extent, but seeing him represent their culture and bring it to life, it took her to an emotional place.   

“I look over and she is bawling,” says Johnson.  The actor, grinning, as he recounts the moment during a recent stop in Los Angeles. “The mama’s doing the ugly cry! I didn’t show her any rehearsals. She’s never heard me speak in Samoan to that extent. As I’m calling, I’m speaking to God and to Atua, and we start our movements and I say, ‘This will be the last face you see before you die,’ and she’s bawling.” 

“After the take — it’s so beautiful and I’ll never forget this — all the guys go over to her,” he added. “‘Oh, Mama, are you okay?’ and give her hugs.” (LAT) 

Johnson dropped a picture on Instagram that demonstrates how fearless and proud he is of his Samoan roots. He’s seen in a traditional Samoan style tattoo on his left shoulder. He wrote the following in his caption: 

“This sacred Samoan ground you stand on is nourished with our ancestors blood. Tonight, we nourish it with yours. Here’s a lil’ exclusive from set of Hobbs & Shaw our Fast and Furious spin off film coming this summer. I’ve been waiting for this my entire career. This is more than a movie to me – our culture & warrior mana is very real. More to come. Now they bleed.”


Hobbs and Shaw will premier in theaters Friday, August 2. Make sure to go watch!




Written By: Jasmin Urquiza Montiel

Feature Photo: Hindustan Times