Brian White: The Actor Creates New App Aimed to Help Small Businesses

Brian White is creating more than movies these days. The actor recently created a new app, ‘Prenuer,’ that helps small businesses connect digitally with the resources, tools, and contacts to help run their companies successfully. Find out when his interest in technology began and how he uses the app to maintain his busy acting career.


Many know you as an actor in roles such as “Ambitions,” “Stomp the Yard,” and “Good Deeds.” But you created a free business app called Preneur. Tell me more about it?

Preneur is working to democratize entrepreneurship by bringing Fortune 500 level software, distribution, and community to individuals and small businesses. That is our big call to action. Ten million new businesses started over the last two years during our pandemic, and one-third of Americans now have a side hustle. These individuals need an all-in-on inclusive tool to help them grow and monetize their businesses instead of the complicated apps and social media sites we have right now. I love social media. I’m on social media, but there is a big problem with social media because about 2.2 percent of our followers see our posts. The algorithms aren’t really about us being efficient entrepreneurs. It’s about sharing content and letting the third-party site make that money for making the connection and spreading that information around.

I went to Dartmouth, and my friends from college are all partners in these social media apps, so they’re happy for us to sit all the time on social media apps. As primarily an actor, I spend a lot of time there, and it’s extremely inefficient. As I said, two percent of the energies are returned. For however million followers I spend all day on social media talking to, I only reach 20,000 people out of a million. That’s not a lot. If I go to the mall and hand out business cards, I could meet more than 20,000 people in a day (think about it like that). This tool (Preneur) increases efficiency, and ‘text’ is how we operate. One of the things you find out about text is it has a 98% open rate for everybody.

What does that mean? When you text someone, ninety-eight percent of the time, it hits their phone; they open it to see who it’s from and read your message.

Why is that important? You reach less than twenty percent compared to text when you email, Facebook someone, send an instant message, DM on Twitter, or send a LinkedIn message. It is the main way people market their business, broadcasting with everyone and only connecting with less than twenty percent, which is more like 2 to 3 percent of those people.

If you change to using Preneur, you will get above 98 percent because you will start aggregating from your social media sites which means we give you a nice landing page. Example: Mine is Preneurai/Brian White. The page is in your name. Instead of asking someone to DM me, I ask them to tap the link in my bio and text me. That starts to move all of your followers, so they know they’re cued from those social media sites to give you their cell phone numbers or current information, and you never need to go back to another way to communicate. These are people from my high school and college where I used to have their cell phones, but I’ve lost contact with them, and now I’m reclaiming that cell phone number, and we go back to interacting like we did when we were eighteen. Directly. Without paying third parties and giving away our data and information and broadcasting to everyone.


Have you always been interested in technology?

Absolutely! When I was at Dartmouth, it was the genesis of technology for me. We were in this BlitzMail (our servers in college), and we connected with the folks over at Harvard. It was around the time Facebook started, and Myspace was out (laughs). I remember meeting Tom and Jack and them giving me a Square (way back in the day when they started). I had the white one, and I used to plug it into my phone, so I’ve always been around when these things started and watching my buddies from college, which would be their main thing (technology). I was in entertainment, so watching the marketing side of entertainment and advertising (catch on last), but I used it the best. By that time, I realized everybody was succumbing to social media. All the money and the green space were being made with the middle man in social media, and we (people) don’t own our connections no matter what we do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a personal trainer or a barber. It doesn’t matter if you’re Kanye West. Imagine if Kanye owned all of his connections and released “Donda.” He would have had 22 billion downloads in the first week, but he had to go through Facebook and Instagram. He got de-platformed and lost those contacts and had to find them back…this is Kanye West, somebody worth 2 billion and has 2 billion fans. He just doesn’t have them aggregated in his phone, so imagine the power of that for you or me.

I’ve aggregated my daughter’s traffic. She’s eight years old and has a haircare brand with my wife. She can’t have a social media account until she’s thirteen, but my wife and I can promote her projects. When she turns thirteen, she will have millions of contacts that are all hers and paying customers that love her hair care products, which can pay for college because that is the power of technology, and that’s what I want to get into people’s hands. The app is a community builder. You can build your own community and market and sell without using a third party. Preneur understands you (people) are valuable. All we need is ourselves. If we support each other, we can all pass that money in a circle (wealth building). Instead of giving the dollar to Facebook and Instagram, we need to pass it to each other (individuals and small businesses). The power of Preneur is community building.


Any upcoming projects you can discuss?

I have five new projects coming out, and they’re all promoted on Preneur. I have a streaming network, “World One TV,” promoted on the app, and everyone can go there to find out what I’m doing.

When you connect with Preneur, it’s a one-stop-shop. You may want to know about the app. When my next movie is coming out, the play Claudia Jordan and I are touring, and when it’s coming to your city or my new films. You may want to know about my suit line. All of that is promoted on Preneur. All you need is one number, my cell phone 424-352-8505 to get the information personally.

Let’s connect! Preneur

Photo courtesy of Brian White