Hot days and plenty of outdoor activities can send any hair type into a state of dryness. It’s why celebrity hairstylist Nakia Collins says hydration is key in this fun Q&A. Read more on what inspires her to create new looks for stars like Beyoncé.



How did you get your start as a celebrity hairstylist?


I got my start by assisting other celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists. I did a lot of this and at times, I still assist if needed.



Best hair care tip for women of color in the summer months?


Hydration hydration hydration!!! Make sure you are getting enough water and keeping your scalp clean and free of too much tension! Especially in the summer heat.



In what ways do you empower women to see both their outer and inner beauty? 


I try to make my clients feel good by not only giving them what they want, but helping them to understand the beauty in their natural hair and appreciating it. Also, teaching them how to keep their hair in a healthy state while giving them the hair of their dreams.



What inspires you when it comes to styling celebrities hair?


When it comes to styling celebrities, I’m most inspired by their work ethic despite being in front of the whole world. I have some of the best clients in the industry simply because they are amazing human beings! Real hard working women and men who beat the odds, and make it their platform to help others believe in themselves as well. They inspire me to be my best and then elevate.



How do you approach creating a new look for Beyoncé?


Well… first, she’s the daughter of an amazing hairstylist, Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson so she already knows so much about hair. She is superwoman! I love to approach new looks with photo references and then we go for whatever mood we are in— whether it’s fun and fashion or simply her waking up effortless. It’s always a joy creating with such an artistic genius.



If you could go back in time which celebrity would you like to style and why?


Honestly, I am grateful for every celebrity who’s trusted me to do what I love with them!!! Wait!!! MY FOREVER FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA IS DEFINITELY on my list!!



Best place traveled?


Hmm.. I’m going to say London. It was amazing and truly a melting pot. I look forward to going to Africa though! It’s going to be life changing.



Last time you literally laughed out loud in real life?


On the daily!! Being a wife and mom of two, I’m grateful for my life and family so I try to laugh a lot and really be in the moment. I’ve seen a lot and been through so much in these 30 years!! Laughing is healing.



Favorite social media account you like to follow?


I love following empowering people and pages. What comes to mind as I’m typing is @sarahjakesroberts. She is my sister in spirit and mentor in life!


What’s Next…

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By La Trisha and La Trisha “Twins of Media”

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