Mostra Coffee — champions of the Philippine coffee industry and recently named 2020 Micro Roaster of the Year — just opened the doors to their new coffee shop in the 4S Ranch community of San Diego… the same neighborhood where they began roasting coffee beans inside their garage seven years ago!
The shop is dedicated to the community that rallied for them. A petition was made to get Mostra a retail space in the area and in less than 24 hours, more than 1,200 people signed it.
When asked about opening up a business during a pandemic, “You have to pursue what lights you up; not what makes sense, not what anybody else thinks is a great idea, but it is that deep voice inside that is telling you, that above all reason, this is the thing you are supposed to do.  This is the courage of conviction.  We have had every reason to quit along the way, especially during this pandemic and recession.  But, when your purpose is so strong, you just take the next step and trust that it is going to work out.  This is us taking the next step for our community and for our bigger purpose,” said Mostra Co-Founder Beverly Magtanong.
In the last few months, Mostra quickly pivoted and made purchasing coffee easier and safer by offering express ordering and curbside pickup.
In addition to its locations in Carmel Mountain Ranch and 4S Ranch, Mostra plans to open a shop in Mira Mesa.  San Francisco, New York and Manila are also in the works.
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About Mostra

Mostra Coffee was launched by a team of four Filipino American friends– Jelynn Malone, Beverly Magtanong, Sam Magtanong and Mike Arquines– in 2013. They began roasting coffee beans in the Magtanongs’ garage in 4S Ranch. Since then, they’ve established direct-trade relationships with coffee farmers in the Philippines, to help increase their economic opportunities. In addition to their humanitarian work, Mostra strives to create an experience with every drink. The name “Mostra” is the Italian word for “show”, “exhibition” or “performance.”Mostra’s “English Industrial” inspired cafe houses the only MAVAM espresso machine in San Diego. It’s built into a lower bar-top to facilitate a more engaging and visually immersive customer experience of the brewing process. One of their most popular drinks on the menu is the Bibingka Creme Brulee Latte, inspired by one of their favorite Filipino desserts. They’re also known for their signature series of cold brews like the ‘Choco-Nana’ and ‘One Bra-zillion Coconuts’.


In October 2019, ROAST Magazine announced Mostra Coffee as the 2020 Micro-Roaster of the Year. The Roaster of the Year awards recognize companies that roast coffees of superior quality, exemplify a dedication to sustainability, promote employee and community education and demonstrate a strong commitment to the coffee industry, among other criteria.



Article | Photos Courtesy of empowerpublicrelations