ALife Hospitality Group has become one of the best-known hospitality groups in Houston.

The group was founded by Jonathan Reitzell and JR Martin in 2013 and has been able to take Houston’s nightlife by storm.

Since its start in 2013, the hospitality group has grown and owns well-known locations including Lost & Found, Kamp Houston, Drip Carwash, and also co-own Prospect Park North and Prospect Park South.

BSM Media had the opportunity to interview one of their executives, Ashlyn Beaman, and get more insight into what ALife Hospitality Group is.

When asked about what ALife Hospitality Group is, Beaman said, “We are one of the leading hospitality companies here in Houston. We own and operate several restaurants and bars. We own some of the biggest, and I think, the most talked-about restaurants in the city.”

“The thing that has helped the company grow to where it is now, you know, the owners and the CEOs of ALife started off in the night-life industry and doing party promotions. I think them having that promotions background has given them the leverage they have today,” she said when asked about the growth of the company.

“I think with as much time and effort we put into promoting and marketing and things of that nature, that has really built the brand to where it is today,” she added.

ALife’s locations have had constant success and are visited by several celebrities and influencers, as well as being talked about on social media platforms such as TikTok.

When asked about how ALife’s locations remained so successful Beaman responded by saying, “Anything the owners put their hands on, people are going to come in. Everywhere you go, whether it’s Lost & Found, Prospect Park, or Kamp, you’re going to get a vibe and you’re going to get an experience.”

ALife isn’t only talked about for their locations, but they are also very well known for giving back to the community.

“We give back to schools…we’re also going to be some food giveaways. We’re always a phone call away whether those emergencies come,” said Beaman when asked about their recent involvement with the community.

During the interview, Beaman also provided some advice for those who are thinking of branching out into the hospitality industry.

“You gotta hit the ground, like, sprinting,” she said. “This industry never stops. This is not your typical 8-5 industry, so it’s like if you’re not ready to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, then maybe it’s not for you,” she continued.

By putting in those blood, sweat, and tears, the owners of the hospitality group have been able to come up with innovative concepts which Beaman said are, “shocking every time.”

As mentioned before, due to their success and popularity, ALife’s locations are constantly being visited by celebrities and host events for these celebrities as well.

Although being used to having these celebrities come through their locations, Beaman told BSM that she had her fan-girl moment when Trey Songz stopped by one of their locations.

“I think the fan-girl moment for me, was when we had Trey Songz. I got so excited for that one!” she told BSM.

She also added that she would love for Drake or Beyoncé to stop by one of their locations.

ALife continues to grow in their success and business ventures, and Beaman ended the interview by letting BSM know that when it comes to ALife Hospitality group, “There’s always something coming.”

Readers can read more about ALife Hospitality group on and follow them and their locations on Instagram. Their handles are @alifehospitalitygroup, @lostandfoundmidtown, @kamphouston, @prospectparkhouston, @driphandwashtx, and @dripcoffeecafehtx.