A.J. Johnson celebrated Independence Day with amazing news! She will return to Ghana as a keynote speaker at this year’s Panafest.


A.J. Johnson
A.J. Johnson – Photo credit: TV One


The actress and fitness guru, will also star in TV One’s “Sins of the Father.” Johnson plays Felecia Richardson— a leading psycho therapist for fellow FBI trainees. The movie is the first to kick off the network’s month of Love, Lies & Murder films and it will premiere Sunday, June 7. Recently, Johnson spoke with us about the new role and how she is living her “next” right now.


Q: How did you prepare for  your role as Detective Richardson on TV One’s, Sins Of The Father?

AI feel like my psychology background kicked in so I didn’t have to imitate anything. The actual detective that cracked this case is a psychotherapist which was inspiring. I felt like I was perfect for this role. As an African American female portraying this character I wanted to make sure I was connected.  I decided to ask if I could add some of my own ideas and experiences as a psychology major. Everyone chipped in to help out—both the cast and crew. Everything just fell into place. My character is a bad boss chick. It showcases the A.J. that people don’t know.

Q: Amongst the many cast members, what was it like working with Clifton Powell?

A: I actually didn’t work with Clifton. Filming was very intense and confusing as it wasn’t done in order. It was difficult keeping track because of the timeframe. Most of the filming was based on flashbacks.  I had to keep notes on small pieces of paper just to remind myself of a particular scene. It wasn’t unusual to not work with a particular cast member. Terayle was wonderful to work with. He’s brilliant, fresh, and so connected.  I believe that any time you have a collaborative spirit you create magic. Everything just falls into place.


A.J. Johnson Stars in TV One's "Sins Of The Father"
Sins of the Father cast – Photo credit: TV One


Q: With such a successful career do you find that you still challenge yourself?

A: Definitely. I became bored with the content I was being offered. I realized I needed to pay more attention to what makes me happy. I had to shut things down for a little while because there was a discomfort in my soul. My father helped me realize that I was missing “A happy” space in my life even with the success I was having.  I lost my dad so to honor him I decided to do healthy living.  Although I had a Pre-med background, I knew I didn’t want to work in a hospital but I wanted to focus on my area of expertise. From this revelation my company was born-The AJ Zone. I finally found my level of happy. I discovered what I really wanted, I can now choose. With acting you have to accept whatever situation you’re put into.  Now I’m healthy and living life. I love it!

Q: With all the things you’ve accomplished —Acting, Fitness, Life Coach, what’s next?

A: I feel like I’m actually living my “next” right now because of the level of purpose and passion involved. My what’s next is literally going on as we speak. I have things lined up with Essence, Walmart and I’ll be traveling to Ghana for the Panafest which celebrates the Year of Return. I’m so excited to be a part of this. It means so much to me. I will be participating and speaking at the event. It acknowledges that long time prayers have been answered. It’s all a testimony. Pray and wait on God. His timing is impeccable. I’m finally exactly where I want to be.

Q: When was the last time you literally laughed out loud?

A:  I would have to say being a part of this interview. It feels good to talk about being free, finding  joy, peace and happiness in what you do.  I didn’t find that in acting. The industry teaches you to go with the flow. I’m content with digging deep, working hard and feeling good about what I do. I find joy in just talking about my newfound happiness.

Q: What’s your favorite social media connection  and how can fans connect with you?

A: My favorite social media is Instagram and fans can connect with me at: @the ajzon


“Sins of the Father” Sunday, June 7th on TV One 8/7c

The film stars Deitrick Haddon (The Gospel), A.J. Johnson (Baby Boy), Clifton Powell (Ray), Terayle Hill (Merry Wishmas), Angela Davis (I Feel Pretty) and Danny Pardo (SEAL Team).

Feature image courtesy of AJ Johnson