"Malcolm & Marie": A Film About The Ugly Parts of Love

Committed relationships with your partner or spouse are not always composed of sunshine, fun moments, and side-splitting laughter. There are times when you and your partner are awake past the midnight hour, having hard conversations, screaming at each other, and crying your hearts out. That is the story told in Netflix’s newest film, written, and directed by Sam Levinson starring actress and singer Zendaya (“Euphoria”; Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”) and actor John David Washington (“BlacKkKlansman”).

“Malcolm & Marie,” shot in one location and in complete black and white, is about a couple who comes home after a big event and has some tough conversations throughout the night, stemming from Malcolm, played by Washington, forgetting to mention and thank Marie, played by Zendaya, in his speech.

During the opening credits, there is a still-shot of their home as the grass blows and cicadas sing, adding to the mystery, feel, and tone of the film. In the distance, you then see a car arrive. Once inside, Malcolm begins to talk about and reflect on the night, as Marie cooks him a meal. You can see that he is excited about the nights’ events that have transpired, but there is clearly something that is weighing on Marie’s heart or mind.

The couple spends the rest of their night/early morning having difficult arguments about their night and past situations. Being that the conversation was so heated, they both say things that hurt each other in the process. In between the arguments, the couple has brief moments where they are laughing and getting along, then one of them brings up something that spirals into more arguing.

This film shows just how complex a relationship can be. No matter how much you love someone, there will be times where you hurt them, even if it’s unintentional. In this case, because Malcolm forgot to thank Marie in his speech, which may have been small to him, but was big for her.

“Malcolm & Marie” is available for streaming now on Netflix.

"Malcolm & Marie": A Film About The Ugly Parts of Love
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