Kelsey Romito is a DIY builder/ designer on YouTube whose knack for home makeover renovations is something to watch. From the first time I stumbled upon her social media channel to her children’s bathroom remodel. I was blown away. Here are three reason why I think Romito’s DIY channel is a winner!


  1. She literally builds and refurbishes furniture pieces on her own, from the bed in her master bedroom to the new countertop and vanity in her children’s bathroom. You name and she can probably build it or bring it back to life to say the least.
  2. In addition to sharing the project process from start to finish and the sometimes challenging inKelsey Romito YouTube DIY Influencer between, she provides her audience with videos on easy & inexpensive home updates and how to save money on home projects.
  3.  She’s all about family! If you have ever watched Romito’s YouTube channel, you know she likes to do the projects around he house for her family— Sometimes taking a break from her DIY projects to spend quality time with her husband and two children. Being a DIY influencer comes with the obvious perks, but nothing beats spending time with the people you love.


Do you have any cool DIY ideas or projects— you would like to start? 

Photo courtesy of Pop & Zebra