When a Black woman speaks, the world listens

In a matter of days, Amanda Gorman has become a name that can be heard in every conversation. From the casual coffee shop to the lively beauty salon. After her 2021 Presidential Inauguration poem, the 22-year-old has reached adornment levels that most people can only dream.

Before she took the podium, the poets’ number of Instagram followers stood at about 85 thousand. Moments after her speech, that number rose by the hundreds, every three seconds. Her follower count as of now is a staggering 3 million. Not 24-hours after her poem, her books rose to the #1 and #2 spots on Amazon. “I AM ON THE FLOOR MY BOOKS ARE #1 & #2 ON AMAZON AFTER 1 DAY!” the poet exclaimed in a Tweet on Wednesday evening.

When a Black woman speaks, the world listens
Photo Credit: Getty Images

When a Black woman speaks, the world listens. Amanda stood on a national stage, spoke her truth, and everyone went silent and paid attention. Her words are still ringing loud in the nation’s ears, as they are in hopeful spirits for the future ahead.

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Mitchell