What Gives Michelle Obama Joy These Days?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on CBS Mornings Thursday, April 20, 2023, to talk about marriage, parenting, and why voting matters, but when asked by host Gayle King “What gives you joy these days, Michelle Obama, what are you looking forward to,” the New York Times Bestselling Author replied.

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“Watching my girls become the women they were meant to be. Watching young people evolve- that’s still the thing that gives me not just joy- but hope is when I meet these young people who are really grappling with these issues in a major way, they want to have an impact, and they are so full of promise that’s why I stay connected to young people because it’s the best way to remember the best of our country.”

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the ‘CBS Mornings’ show on Thursday promoting her new book, ‘The Light We Carry Overcoming in Uncertain Times’


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