Torrei Hart: 'Kevin Hart Was Tired' to Fans That Mistook His Enthusiasm for Ex-wife's New Movie

Torrei Hart explained that Kevin was ‘tired’ to fans that read too much into why the comedian showed little enthusiasm supporting his ex-wife’s new film ‘Super Turnt’ in a video she previously posted to her IG page with the caption.

I did not pay @kevinhart4real to say this!!! But anyways y’all heard him go watch @superturntthemovie on @tubi right now!!!


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Fans seemed quick to point out that the ‘True Story’ actor seemed less than thrilled to highlight the movie. To which Torrei thought it was “unfortunate” many felt she begged or coerced Kevin Hart into promoting her film. But she added, “Trust and believe if he didn’t want to do it, he would have said, ‘Torrei, no, I’m not doing it.’ The actress added, “Here’s the funny thing. We had just left the bank. We were taking our kids to go and put their checks into the bank and show them how to do certain banking methods and what you got to do. We were coming from doing something to uplift our children,” the actress said. “And Kevin is a human. You know, people, when they see him, they expect for him to always be at a hundred and he had just came from the gym. I had just came from a big meeting. So not only is he tired, but I’m tired.”

The former couple shares two children. Heaven 16 and Hendrix 14. Torrei says this in her approach to co-parenting with Kevin.

“Life is short. If you can make somebody feel special, if you can get over anything, if you cannot hold grudges and let stuff go, let it go. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Forgive [because] everybody does things. Everybody goes through things in life. That’s how you evolve, and sometimes give people grace,” Torrei shared. “For the sake of my kids…I don’t want them to walk around feeling like they got to put on a certain type of face for this parent or they can’t be a certain type of way around this parent. And that’s just me. I can only speak for me and that’s how I choose to co-parent.”

Kevin also has a son Kenzo and daughter Kaori Hart with his wife, Eniko.

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