Toni Braxton opens up about her lupus-related health emergency

Toni Braxton recently sat down with Today co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager [Hoda & Jenna] to discuss her lupus-related health scare following the passing of her sister Traci Braxton in 2022.

If I had not done— that appointment, I would not be here today talking to you guys

The “Un-Break My Heart” singer, —shared with the morning hosts the seriousness of her health emergency.

“I had some pain in my chest. I’ve had lupus for over 15 years, but I was having— this pain in my chest, and I thought it was because I was so sad because we had lost one of my sisters. I went to the doctor, and I kept postponing this appointment— he wanted me to do it, and he was like— “You need to get this checkup, and you need to do it now.” and I said, “I’ll do it later fine, and finally he called me up and said “go, I got you an appointment for tomorrow, go!” so I went, and I remember them saying after they did it “The doctor needs to see you.” shortly after that I was told, that I would have had a massive heart attack and I would not have survived.” 

Toni Braxton in First Interview Since Sister Traci’s Death


Toni Braxton opens up about her lupus-related health emergency— Today with Hoda & Jenna | Photo: NBC

“It was the main coronary artery; —something called the widow maker or something like that, said Braxton. “Even sometimes when I talk about it, I get a little emotional about it,” she said, holding back tears, “because I feel so fortunate and so blessed. And I was not going to go to that appointment.”

Braxton, who has been vocal about her lupus health journey, also talked about her partnership with Aurinia to bring awareness to kidney health, lupus, lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is a type of kidney disease caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). According to the Mayo Clinic, SLE is a common type of lupus.

The  7xGRAMMY winner also shared, “If I had not done— that appointment, I would not be here today talking to you guys,” she told Kotb and Bush Hager. “So, I want to educate people about that.”

Braxton said that her SLE is “starting to affect my kidneys,” which she says,— “can get really scary.” she mentioned that she tries to “think of the glass half full.”

She spoke to the hosts about coping with her condition, finding support from family and friends, performing to the best of her ability, and staying confident on social media. 

Despite her health concerns this 55-year-old is doing what Braxton does best— she looks fabulous! 

In what ways are you making health a priority?

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